Board of Directors



Elizabeth Baker

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine



Amy Clippinger


 Amy Clippinger

PETA Science Consortium International, e.V.



Eva-Maria Collins

Eva-Maria Collins 

Swarthmore College




Jack Fowle


Jack Fowle

Science to Inform, LLC
US Environmental Protection Agency (retired)


Erin Hill
Erin Hill, Treasurer

International Collaboration on Cosmetics Safety




Annie Jarabek

Annie Jarabek, Vice President

Federal Scientist




Shaun McCullough


Shaun McCullough, Past President

Research Triangle Institute



Nikaeta Sadekar


Nikaeta Sadekar, President

Research Institute for Fragrance Materials



Kristie Sullivan


Kristie Sullivan, Secretary

Institute for In Vitro Sciences




Affiliations provided for identification purposes only.