10th Annual Meeting of the ASCCT

Tuesday October 12, 2021 12:00AM through Thursday October 14, 2021 12:00AM

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Overarching theme: “Practical applications of new tools in toxicology”
Dates of Meeting: October 12-14, 2021 (virtual)
Registration cost: None
Abstract submission deadlines:

  • Oral or flash poster presentation consideration: July 23rd
  • PDF poster presentation consideration: September 10th



Abstracts for oral and poster presentations are now invited. Any submissions related to in vitro and in silico toxicology, broadly defined and including science, policy, and regulatory topics, are welcome. To be considered for one of the oral sessions or a “flash” oral poster session, you must submit your abstract by July 23rd. Others may submit abstracts for consideration for traditional PDF poster presentations by September 10th.

The annual ASCCT meeting typically features additional activities designed to support and engage members, students, and early-career scientists. In 2021, attendees can look forward to a mini-CE course, mentoring and networking events, live video and/or audio poster discussions, and maybe even a debate!

Five oral sessions will focus on the following categories.

21st-Century challenges for 21st-Century Toxicology

  • Plenary speaker: Patience Browne, OECD
  • Potential topics:
    • Balancing international harmonization with regional progress
    • Gaining confidence on the international stage
    • Current OECD challenges/solutions
    • International Cooperation
    • Implementing OECD guidance regionally
    • Case studies

Practical applications of Omics

  • Plenary speaker: Carole Yauk, University of Ottawa
  • Potential topics:
    • Case studies
    • Regulatory Posture
    • Standardization and reporting
    • Tissue storage and preservation

Applying Artificial Intelligence in Toxicology

  • Plenary speaker: Thomas Hartung, Johns Hopkins University/CAAT & Sean Ekins, Collaborations Pharmaceuticals
  • Potential topics:
    • Systematic review
    • Data analyses
    • Making predictions
    • Leading edge modeling solutions

New Approaches to Validation

  • Plenary speakers: Andrew Worth and Sandra Coecke, EU Joint Research Centre
    • Weight-of-Evidence Assessment
    • Gaining confidence
    • Rethinking the applicability domain
    • Agency acceptance models, including EPA’s SAP, MDDT, etc
    • Other reference data
    • Refining comparator benchmarks—accuracy, variability

Free communications


Oral presentations will occur live on Zoom Webinar. Flash poster presentations will be recorded and broadcast via Zoom Webinar. PDF poster presentations, mentoring and networking events, awards sessions, and free time will be on Remo, a platform that allows face-to-face virtual conversations and chatting in small groups. We will also use Discord to allow for asynchronous discussions with speakers and other attendees.

Attendees and presenters will be given instructions, tips, and tutorials to assist in accessing the tutorials.


Oral presentations will be given live via Zoom, and will be allowed 20 minutes, including Q&A. Please leave 2-3 minutes for oral questions, though additional questions can be answered via text Q&A or on Discord.

A subset of high-scoring poster submissions will be selected for flash poster presentation. Recorded flash poster presentations will be broadcast during the meeting. Selected presenters will be expected to upload a 3-minute recorded presentation in advance of the meeting and be available for discussion at a designated table during the assigned poster session time to allow for continued discussion. A slide template will be provided.

PDF poster presenters will be expected to upload a pdf (like a traditional poster) to the online program in advance of the meeting, and attend their poster table and present their poster to attendees, much like an in-person poster presentation.

Assistance and guidance on uploading material and navigating the virtual platforms will be provided.

**We suggest you submit your own abstract(s) using an account you create with your email address. This will make it easier for the organizers to contact you and to link your eventual registration to your submissions.


The ASCCT meeting will feature an opportunity to be considered for three awards, one of which is open to students and post-docs only. Please indicate whether you would like to be considered for any of the three awards when you submit your abstract.


Individuals or organizations interested in becoming a meeting sponsor have many options to choose from. New this year, we are introducing the opportunity to present their product or technology during a 10 min + 5 min for Q&A sponsor-exhibition presentation. Since the meeting is free, the monies received will go towards the costs associated with the online platforms.  There are three sponsorship levels:


Cost (USD)




Half-page ad in the program book and a 200-word promotional message that will be emailed to the membership.




Clickable Logo on the Remo platform. Your organization can upload a video or picture and a link to your website. [also includes Silver benefit]




Flash presentation (10 mins + 5 Q&A) – only three available [also includes Gold and Silver benefits]

Sponsors will also be acknowledged on the meeting web site and at various times during the meeting.

Please contact Erin Hill @ ehill@iivs.org for more information.