ASCCT 9th Annual Meeting + Training

Tuesday October 20, 2020 12:00PM through Friday October 23, 2020 04:00PM



The 9th Annual ASCCT meeting will be completely online. The meeting will still feature plenary speakers, panel discussions, oral and poster presentations drawn from submitted abstracts, and opportunities for early-career scientists through a mentoring session and poster awards. 

The conference theme will address the US EPA goal to eliminate reliance on mammalian tests to make regulatory decisions by 2035, and the various considerations—science and policy—related to meeting this goal.

Plenary speakers include:

  • Tara Barton-McLaren, Health Canada
  • Tala Henry, US EPA
  • Sue Marty, Dow Chemical
  • Adrian Roth, Roche

Presentations and discussions will consider:

  • Solutions and research needed for longer-term and complex endpoint replacement
  • Fit for purpose validation frameworks and case studies
  • Needs of the regulated and regulator community
  • Benchmarking NAMs without in vivo tests
  • Public communication
  • Overcoming barriers related to comfort, training, and experience
  • Effects on, and contributions from, pharmaceutical and other sectors

Key Details


  • Main Meeting: October 20-22nd, 2020
  • Hands-on Training: Practical Applications of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) in Chemical Safety Assessment: Applying US EPA Tools and Approaches in Practice: October 23, 2020

Platforms: The meeting will use two platforms; GoToWebinar for the oral/plenary lectures and panel discussions, and Remo for networking-style and poster sessions. The Friday training will use Zoom. Instructions on accessing the sessions will be shared with registered participants. 

Registration is open now at this link:

Fees: Registration and attendance is free. Please consider becoming a member of the ASCCT to support programs like this meeting.

Deadlines: Presenters must register by October 1st. Attendee registration deadline is October 12th.

Sponsors: Sponsorship opportunities, including online "booths" during the poster and networking sessions, are available. View more information below.

Meeting Sponsors


Abstract Submission

Abstract submission closed August 7th. There may be a few poster slots available; please email for more information.

There are two types of poster presentation formats in two sessions. Some presenters will provide a 3-minute flash presentation. Then all presenters will be available to share and discuss their work in small group discussions via the online Remo platform with audio and video. All posters will also be available online as pdf files in advance of the meeting so registered attendees can view them. 


View the online program for both events here.

This program is subject to change in case of speaker scheduling conflicts or other issues. The link above is always the most up-to-date program.

Your participation is needed to accomplish a stimulating and engaging meeting!


Virtual sponsorship opportunities are available on the Remo ( platform, which has interactive areas which encourage ‘face-to-face’ interactions and the flexibility to move among posters, exhibits and banners.

Here’s how it works:  The plenary lectures and presentations will take place on a traditional platform such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. During breaks and poster sessions, the meeting will utilize Remo. Please refer to the diagram below to visualize the interface:



  • Main Stage (top center): Each person selected to give a flash poster presentation will do so from the stage. Awards will also be presented from this area as well.
  • Posters (tables in center): All poster presenters will have a table where they can present their work and interact with attendees – very similar to a Zoom meeting but with the ability for the attendees to virtually move from poster to poster
  • Exhibit Lounges (2 on each side):  Each lounge will have a host representing the exhibiting company who can interact with visitors – again very similar to a Zoom meeting. Additionally, you can have videos, pdf “handouts”, web-links etc. available. Your company logo will appear on the interface - the figure above below is filled out as if IIVS were an exhibitor. The Exhibit Lounges should have a company representative available during the times color-coded as purple on the program. If you are unable to staff the booth during all times you can simply have a Contact Us link for inquiries.
  • Banner Stands (6 banners along the bottom): Your company logo will be displayed and will offer an interactive experience. Once an attendee clicks on the logo they can see materials you have uploaded such as videos, pdf handouts etc. There will also be a customizable “call to action” button to ask people to contact you, or sign up for a newsletter or ask for a quote. The main difference between the Banner Stands and the Exhibitor Lounges is that the Banner Stands are not hosted by a company representative.

Each poster, table, lounge or banner area can accommodate a limited number of people at one time (6-8) which encourages attendees to move from space to space.

If your company would be interested in a higher level of participation in this year’s event and supporting the Society, please contact Erin Hill at to book your booth or banner. 4 Exhibit Booths are available for $750 each. 6 Banner Stands are available at $450 each. Booths and Banners will be assigned on a first to respond basis. All sponsors will have their logo added to the Society’s website andannual meeting portal, and will be acknowledged during the meeting.

Thanks for your consideration and don’t forget to register for the meeting today at!