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Archived videos of past webinars are available to ASCCT members. Contact the Secretary for more information or to suggest a topic for a future webinar.

The Virtual Embryo (June 2012)

Nicole Kleinstreuer, US EPA

Tox21 Program Update (April 2012)

Raymond Tice, National Toxicology Program, NIH

Evidence-Based Toxicology (EBT) for the 21st Century (February 2012)

Martin Stephens, Johns Hopkins University

Effectopedia: The Online Encyclopedia of Adverse Effect Pathways (September 2011)

Gilman Veith and Hristo Aladjov, International QSAR Foundation

MetaPath: A Metabolism Pathway Database (July 2011)

Patricia Schmeider, US EPA

May webinar: EPA computational tools (November -0001)

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New Computational Tools from EPA:
The CompTox Chemicals Dashboard and Generalized Read Across
May 9, 2019
10:00 AM EDT