Archived Webinar

Development and evaluation of NAMs for new endpoints: Developmental neurotoxicity and respiratory sensitization

Sabina Burla, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
Kelly Carstens, PhD, US EPA



Kelly Carsten’s slides


Further information:

Carstens, Kelly E, Amy F Carpenter, Melissa M Martin, Joshua A Harrill, Timothy J Shafer, and Katie Paul Friedman. “Integrating Data from in Vitro New Approach Methodologies for Developmental Neurotoxicity.” Toxicological Sciences, 2022.

Chary, Aline, Tommaso Serchi, Elisa Moschini, Jennifer Hennen, Sébastien Cambier, Janine Ezendam, Brunhilde Blömeke, and Arno C. Gutleb. 2019. “An in Vitro Coculture System for the Detection of Sensitization Following Aerosol Exposure”. ALTEX - Alternatives to Animal Experimentation 36 (3):403-18.