Archived Webinar

New Tools and Features in the Integrated Chemical Environment (ICE)

Shannon Bell, PhD
Computational Toxicologist, Integrated Laboratory Systems, Inc.

Moving beyond traditional animal methods for chemical safety assessment requires both reliable data and tools to leverage that data. The NTP’s Integrated Chemical Environment (ICE) is a source of high quality, curated animal data along with complimentary in vitro data and in silico predictions useful for regulators, assay developers and modelers alike. In addition to data, ICE now houses on-line tools allowing users to leverage the ICE data to begin filling in gaps and performing analyses. In this talk we will give an overview of the ICE database and interface to familiarize users with how to access the available data and tools. In silico predictions from the OPERA models, formulation data, and data updates will be highlighted. We will demonstrate the new one compartment in vitro to in vivo extrapolation tool in ICE that allows users to access available ICE in vitro assay data to predict equivalent in vivo effective doses and compare with results from available animal data. In addition, we will highlight new tools planned including a generalized PBPK calculator, machine learning workflow, and chemical characterization workflow.

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