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Nerve-on-a-Chip Platform for Assessing Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Presenter: Dr. Lowry Curley, AxoSim, Inc.

Neuropathy is often a treatment limiting and persistent side-effect of a number of chemotherapeutic agents, and peripheral nerves are particularly susceptible to damage. In this study, a novel 3D microphysiological cell-based model of the peripheral nerve, a Nerve-On-A-Chip, was used to investigate the in vitro manifestation of paclitaxel induced neuropathy. In addition, bortezomib, oxaliplatin, and vincristine were also examined to characterize the neuropathic side effects of different mechanisms of toxicity. Changes in nerve conduction velocity were measured and results were compared with cell viability endpoints to correlate functional pathologies with cell death. Results suggest that our Nerve-On-A-Chip platform can be used as a clinically-relevant in vitro model to study structural and electrophysiological changes in nerve function due to neurotoxicity, as well as a potential screen for agents that can counteract those effects.

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