QSAR 2021 Program

Plenary Speakers

Russell S. Thomas, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Computational Toxicology and Exposure, Environmental Protection Agency

Mark Cronin, Ph.D.
Professor, Cheminformatics Research Group, Liverpool John Moores University

Special Guest Speaker
Elizabeth Mannshardt PhD

Statistician, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, US Environmental Protection Agency
Adjunct Associate Professor at North Carolina State University

The QSAR 2021 Program-At-A-Glance is shown below. It outlines the timeline for the sessions each day. Although we are still in the planning stages of this format, from the program-at-a-glance you can see that there will be:

  • Plenary (pre-recorded) sessions with live Q&A
  • Daily keynote (pre-recorded) presentations selected from submitted abstracts with live Q&A
  • Poster Sessions with “lightning” presentations (facilitated using the Remo software platform)
  • Talks and posters will be available to attendees on demand during the week, no need to miss any talks of interest due to overlapping times or different time zones
  • Daily networking opportunities facilitated using Discord and Remo software

QSAR 2021 Program At A Glance