QSAR 2020 Awards

ICCA-LRI Student/Post-Doc Travel Awards

Deadline: January 8, 2020

The International Council of Chemical Associations Long-range Research Initiative (ICCA-LRI) invites undergraduate/graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to apply for Student/Post-Doc Travel Awards to defray expenses for attending the workshop to present a platform talk or poster.

This is a competitive award. Each applicant may submit only one abstract for consideration. A total of three awards will be given, one each from North America, Europe, and Japan. Awards, to reimburse actual travel expenses, will be in amounts not to exceed $2,600, $4,000 and $5,400 for North America, Europe and Japan, respectively. Awards shall be used solely for awardees’ travel, hotel accommodations, meal expenses, and poster printing costs (if applicable). (The ICCA-LRI may elect not to make one or more of these awards if applications are judged to be of insufficient scientific quality.)

To apply, please provide a copy of the abstract submitted to QSAR 2020 and a letter of support from the candidate's major advisor (as a single PDF file) to: ICCA-LRI QSAR 2020 Student/Post-Doc Award at QSAR2020-Awards@icf.com.

Award recipients will be selected based on the scientific quality of the abstract and the scientific quality and significance of the research. Questions concerning the application should be submitted by e-mail to the address above. The awardees will be notified in February 2020.