8th Annual Meeting of the ASCCT

Computational Toxicology: Peeking into the Clouds while Keeping our Feet on Solid Ground

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The 8th Annual Meeting of the ASCCT was held on September 25-26, 2019 at Gaithersburg Hilton – Montgomery Ballroom (Gaithersburg, MD). It focused on the development and use of computational methods for a variety of toxicological endpoints. Participants discussed during presentations and a panel discussion how to improve the infrastructure and support of new approaches not only to better understand underlying biology but also to apply them to evaluate safety and to inform decisions.

ASCCT recognized two outstanding young scientists for their work in predictive toxicology. This year’s award winners included Ignacio Tripodi, a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His presentation “Toxicological mechanistic inference: Generating mechanistic explanations for adverse outcomes” earned him the Ed Carney Predictive Toxicology Award. The Tox21 Student Award was awarded to Vy Tran from Johns Hopkins University, who presented a poster on “Comparing Gene Networks Between MCF-7 and Human Breast Cancer Tissues.”

A “Computation Tools Showcase” was introduced in this meeting, with 10 speakers from  a variety of organizations, including academic institutions, industry, and government. Presenters described computational tools that might be of interest to meeting attendees in 5 minute “teaser” presentations.

The proceedings of this year’s meeting will be published in Toxicology In Vitro.

We are grateful for your participation, for the efforts of our speakers, and to the sponsors and program committee for essential support and planning of the meeting. 

We look forward to seeing you again at next year’s meeting. Please contact Secretary Kristie Sullivan to volunteer for the planning committee!

Presentation slides are available to ASCCT members here.

Thank you to our sponsors