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Welcome to the webinar archive, which features presentations about current scientific and policy topics related to computational and in vitro toxicology. These videos are recorded as part of the ASCCT/ESTIV monthly webinar series, sponsored by ASCCT and the European Society for Toxicology In Vitro. They are organized by year using the horizontal menu below. Please feel free to view any webinar; you can search for key words in the search bar at the top of the page.

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2020 Webinars

ESTIV Award Winners Webinar (January 2020)

Laura Escrivá, Assistant Professor, University of Valencia, Spain
Lenny Kamelia, Division of Toxicology, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands


Moving away from animal testing for acute inhalation toxicity testing (February 2020)

Presenter: Emilie Da Silva, PhD student, Technical University of Denmark/National Research Center for the Working Environment, Denmark


ASCCT Award Winners Webinar (March 2020)

Ignacio J. Tripodi, PhD Candidate in Computer Science / Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder
Vy Tran, PhD Student, Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing, Johns Hopkins University, USA


Use of New Approach Methodologies for cosmetic safety assessment without animal testing (April 2020)

Catherine Willett, Humane Society International
Corie Ellison, Procter and Gamble
Chris Barber, Lhasa, LTD
Paul Walker, Cyprotex Discovery Ltd
Matt Dent, Unilever


International computational collaborations for predictive toxicology (May 2020)

Presenter: Kamel Mansouri, Integrated Laboratory Systems, Inc.


The Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Toxicology and Risk Assessment (June 2020)

Presenter: Timothy E H Allen, Research Scientist, Willis Group, University of Cambridge

Human biology-based approaches for COVID 19 therapeutics (July 2020)

Malcolm Wilkinson, Kirkstall Ltd.
Samuel Constant, Epithelix


PubMed Abstract Sifter: a literature informatics tool for chemical research (August 2020)

Presenter: Nancy C. Baker, Leidos


Phenotypic profiling for high-throughput chemical screening at the U.S. EPA (September 2020)

Presenter: Johanna Nyffeler, ORISE Fellow with US EPA


Development of a Bayesian Network Model for Predicting Fish Acute Toxicity from Fish Embryo Toxicity Data (November 2020)

Presenter: Adam Lillicrap, Norwegian Institute for Water Research


Medical Device Assessment: Updates for Thrombogenicity and Skin Irritation (December 2020)

Michael F. Wolf, Medtronic
Kelly P. Coleman, Medtronic


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