COVID-19 Response: ASCCT Webinars Are Now Open Access

As the impact of COVID-19 is felt around the globe, the ASCCT’s commitment to cellular and computational toxicology education remains strong. With so many professionals and students transitioning to online work, and the growing need for e-resources, the ASCCT webinar library will now be available to the public at no cost. In addition, upcoming webinars are available for all to attend and watch in real time at no cost.

The ASCCT webinar library includes over 40 expert presentations highlighting innovation in science and policy related in vitro and computational toxicology. Speakers represent a variety of professional backgrounds including federal and state agencies, private industry and academia. Topics include advancing predictive toxicology, moving away from animal studies, regulatory application, organs-on-chips and 3D bioprinting.

The full webinar library can be accessed at

Register here for the upcoming April 30th, 2020 webinar entitled Use of New Approach Methodologies for Cosmetic Safety Assessment.

To suggest a topic for a future ASCCT webinar, email