6th Annual Meeting of the ASCCT

6th Annual Meeting

September 21-22, 2017

The American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology (ASCCT) recently held its 6th Annual Meeting at the headquarters of one of its founding organizations, the Institute for In Vitro Sciences. Meeting attendees participated in several oral presentation sessions, a poster session, panel discussion, awards ceremony, and mentoring event, all focused on the development and implementation of alternative, nonanimal toxicology science and policy. As in 2016, the meeting was held at a time and place to coincide with the Science Advisory Committee for Alternative Toxicological Methods (SACATM), an advisory group for the US-based Interagency Coordinating Committee for the Validation of Alternative Methods. This structure fits well with ASCCT’s mission to increase the cooperation and dialog between toxicologists from government, industrial, academic, and non-profit organizations.

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